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Thank you for your interest in Criminal Information Services Inc. (CRIS Inc.) With a strong commitment to customer service and support, we offer immediate online background verification, as well as off line service. We specialize in both commercial and nonprofit organizations, specifically pre-employment, tenant screening, volunteer organizations, youth sports organizations, human resources and school screening services.

CRIS Inc. is committed to:

  • The lowest rates in the industry
  • NO HIDDEN FEES – No set up fees, just fees for usage
  • Customized reports – designed to meet your agencies needs
  • Outstanding customer service and support.
  • Accurate, updated databases with easy to read reports.
  • One name checked or 1,000, we can meet your needs

Our database includes over 1100 different public agencies encompassing all 50 states and includes data from the Department of Corrections, Department of State Court Administrators, County Courts, and County Sheriffs ‘arrest and warrant records

  • Federal/International law enforcement data
  • National Motor Vehicle Division
  • National Registered Sex Offenders
  • National Identity/Residential Verification (IRV)
  • Colorado Court Records

With regular database updates, we believe our information is the most accurate and most competitively priced in the industry. We offer the capability of conducting instant criminal background checks on any individual by easily accessing our public record databases via the Internet.

National SUPER SEARCH – CRIMINAL ONLY Includes a criminal search of all available US Databases, federal and International searches, and Registered Sex Offenders*

National SUPER SEARCH – ALL INCLUSIVE Includes a criminal search of all available US Databases, federal and International searches, and Registered Sex Offenders PLUS Identification and Residential Verification *

*Does not include National Motor Vehicle Division and Colorado Courts

eApplication – For the high volume user, we offer eAapplication. eApp is designed to provide the high volume user with a super secure, customized, high volume transfer of criminal information. eApp is a system designed so that an organization can enter the subject's identification data on a form or spreadsheet located on either your or our web server. When submitted, we do the screening and return the results to you, ALL ELECTRONICALLY. This provides a thorough search with results monitored and transcribed by Researchers experienced in the criminal justice field. Great for large organizations or organizations with multiple branches or offices

Additional Services Available:
  • National Department of Motor Vehicle Database
  • Customized Searches – 1 state or 50 states…you choose!
  • County Courthouse searches
  • Eviction History
  • Social Security Verification


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